Scientists Promote Launch of The Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity

Leading scientists from across the globe are supporting the launch of The Brussels Declaration on Scientific Integrity[i], strongly upholding professional and scientific ethics above financial and political gain or personal ideology.

The Declaration is a Statement of Principles calling for the return to the Scientific Method as the guiding qualifier for the definition of a study as scientific. It centres around epidemiology and toxicology and covers topics such as alcohol, obesity and passive smoking.

John Gray of The International Coalition Against Prohibition (TICAP[ii]) states, “The Brussels Declaration was initiated during the successful TICAP Conference of January 2009[iii]. It will pave the way for the return to the robustness and reliability of scientific integrity that is essential for the credibility of scientific institutions and general advancement of humanity.”

Endorsement is now being sought from international politicians, community leaders, academics, writers, journalists and non-governmental organisations.

This comprehensive document demands the setting of exacting standards for gathering data in epidemiological studies, the mandatory specification of margins of error, and the rejection of expert opinions based on studies that do not fulfil these criteria.

It demands the restoration of the concept of risk threshold, and calls for the rejection by governments and regulatory bodies of any scientific work that does not meet those standards.

It condemns the use of unqualified studies as the basis for public policy and prohibition and calls for the dismantling of policies and regulations that are based on such studies.

In addition to the conclusions of scientific studies, it also calls upon official institutions and the media to accurately report the limitations and uncertainties of those conclusions in respect of the public's right to complete, accurate information that does not lead to unnecessary apprehension or panic.

“As the effects of the Manhattan Declaration[iv] begin to be felt at both the political and public opinion levels,” continues John Gray, “so will that of the Brussels Declaration when it comes to scientific integrity in the area of lifestyle prohibitions.”

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